Mirror Mirror on the wall…………….

Mirror, Mirror on the wall ………Who’s the ………..you know the answer!

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Sagging tired skin?

Need a face tune-up?

Need a new mirror?!!

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the Quicklift and Dr Barber here at the Martin Center.

Call for an appointment with Dr Barber and let him make you happy to look in the mirror!



stop by and say Hi while you are here!……………..pam


When I was young I had dimples in my cheeks.  I received many compliments on those adorable dimples.  My soon to be husband loved those dimples when we were dating back in the day! (way back in the day!!)

Several  years later the dimples faded along with the other changes to my appearance.  Time did it’s thing on my face and the dimples were forgotten.  Fine lines and jowling was my facial description.  Do you like jowling? I hated it, that bull dog look.  Every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was the sagging jowls. ugh…………

After I got a Quicklift the sagging skin was gone but to my surprise my long forgotten dimples were back.  Thank You Dr. Barber for giving me my dimples back.

Do you want your dimples back?? Call The Martin Center and make your appointment today,  See you soon…………pam


Everything you wanted to know about The Martin Center!

Fall is in the air?? Not really! BUT it is event time for The Martin Center.  This year we are inviting you to our place.  Right here where we are every work day.  You can come and see for yourself our facility and staff.
Do you love company?  We do and we would love to have you visit us and see for yourself all the fun things we do here.

So join the crowd and come see us on location:

Sept 10th


4621 Morrison Dr
Mobile, Al

Hope to see you, drop by the product room and say Hi!…………..pam


LATISSE  is on sale at The Martin Center.  If you have never tried this product or love this product and want a good deal, drop by or give me a call and receive $20.00 off.!!  Let me tell you if you have not tried this product, it really –really works.  Who does not like thicker longer lashes, no one I know, right?

The Martin Center

251-344-7474…………………..happy summer and happy lashes!………….pam

Summer Skin Club, anyone??

Don’t forget your spf and regular skincare this summer.

We are making it really easy for you to keep your skin happy during the dog days of summer.

Join our Summer Skin Care Club and enjoy a wonderful facial each month. June July and August.  Also receive 10% off your favorite products all summer long…………pam

The Martin Center


Spring Cleaning Time!

Everyone it’s spring time!!!.  Time to clean out your gutters, rake leaves and trim the bushes.

Why not start your Spring Cleaning right here at The Martin Center.

Pamper your skin with a wonderful facial, shrink you tummy with Cool Sculpting and remove unwanted hair from your legs!

Who is ready for the beach??

Call soon and make that important first step into Spring Beauty!