Do you use a Retinoid?

This is my “band wagon” My speech to the concerned. My very best “only one product to purchase today” Go to. If the boat is sinking and I can only go back for one product, what would you get product. RETINOID

Have I made myself clear?!

This is the most misunderstood product in my conversations with ladies.

Well it is really quite simple. Do you want shiny, fresh and younger thinking skin?

A Retinoid is the go to product for all the above.

Start slow and small. Not every night for the first month. And use small amounts. More is not better as that could irritate and possibly cause you to halt all the change.

I have several strengths and price points. You can’t go wrong just pick one to start things off and fine tune your progress as your skin responds.

Call me and let’s talk RETINOIDS. My love language!


Is your Skin Tired?

I’m hearing this more than anything else. “My skin just looks tired”!

Well just think about what we have just been through as a country and it seems still continuing to go through. Wearing a facial mask and anxiously watching the latest news on the pandemic can really effect your skin.

Are you drinking enough water and eating healthy? That plays a strong factor in your skin’s appearance.

Also, being anxious can cause our lifestyle to not be at it’s best.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time. We are open for facials, microderms and injectables. Facials and microderms and give your skin a great refresh. Also adding volume can plump those tired cheeks and give you the boost that you just might need during a time like this.

We are open and here for you!

Call us at The Martin Center for our next appointment to brighten you up!


While we are still wearing face mask…………..why not?

Ladies I’m not surprised at the number of Face Lifts and Quicklifts going on now at The Martin Center. It’s like pre-Covid in the surgery room numbers!

I’m hearing whispers something like this, “Well I have to wear a mask, I might as well get my Quicklift now”! And that really is right. Wearing a face mask after a surgery can cover most of the expected swelling.

When this pandemic is over and we are all back to normal you will look rested. Like you slept through the whole thing!! Who needs a Quicklift? Anyone that is on the fence! Jump on in the water is fine!

See you soon at The Martin Center…………..pam

Spring into a New You!

Are we there yet?

Still wearing masks, social distancing.

Staying home a bit longer than we did two years ago.

Our OR is busy, just saying the Doctors are making pretty faces most everyday here.

Jump in the waters fine!

The best time for surgery is NOW! You will be glad you did!

Call me and I can tell you all about my experience with my Quicklift .

The Martin Center 251-344-7474-……………….pam

Stuck at Home?

Are you stuck at home with this pandemic? These days we are spending more time at home and less time out and about.

If you need a head to toe refresh for your skin give me a call. I can talk with you and customize a skincare plan to fit your skin’s need.

I have a peel for your feet. Lotions that contain glycolic acids and retinols for arms and legs. Retinols and Retin A for your face. It’s time to make pretty skin simple and effective.

And the best part is that I can mail all these lovely things to your home!

Then the only thing hiding behind that mask when you finally can go out and about is lovely skin. Let’s make this time work for you ladies.

Call me! 251-344-7474

Are you ready for a QL?

What are you waiting for? While we are wearing masks and quarantining this would be a wonderful time to get a freshening up!

Our doctors are hard at work making you girls look pretty one face at a time. Just had a conversation with a very happy gal. Who’s next?

I can’t say enough how much I have loved my Quicklift with Dr Barber. If you are nervous give me a call and I can tell you first hand my experience and satisfaction.

Take Care…………..pam

Are you wearing your mask?

I have not written in so long, a lot of time has passed since my last post.  But now I’m writing this during a pandemic!  We are all wearing our mask and keeping a safe distance from others in order to slow the spread of that horrible virus.


I have a suggestion! Have you thought about getting a Quicklift?  Well this would be a great time to do so!  We are all staying out of public and hiding behind masks.  So what are you waiting for?  Our doctors are here and appts are open so if you are thinking about surgery this is your time to shine(under a mask!).  Call us to make an appointment and meet with one of our doctors.  Why not make a “down time” your time to look five years younger.  Now who is the smart one?  YOU!………. .pam


call The Martin Center for an appointment 251-344-7474

Mirror Mirror on the wall…………….

Mirror, Mirror on the wall ………Who’s the ……… know the answer!

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Sagging tired skin?

Need a face tune-up?

Need a new mirror?!!

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the Quicklift and Dr Barber here at the Martin Center.

Call for an appointment with Dr Barber and let him make you happy to look in the mirror!



stop by and say Hi while you are here!……………..pam


When I was young I had dimples in my cheeks.  I received many compliments on those adorable dimples.  My soon to be husband loved those dimples when we were dating back in the day! (way back in the day!!)

Several  years later the dimples faded along with the other changes to my appearance.  Time did it’s thing on my face and the dimples were forgotten.  Fine lines and jowling was my facial description.  Do you like jowling? I hated it, that bull dog look.  Every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was the sagging jowls. ugh…………

After I got a Quicklift the sagging skin was gone but to my surprise my long forgotten dimples were back.  Thank You Dr. Barber for giving me my dimples back.

Do you want your dimples back?? Call The Martin Center and make your appointment today,  See you soon…………pam


Everything you wanted to know about The Martin Center!

Fall is in the air?? Not really! BUT it is event time for The Martin Center.  This year we are inviting you to our place.  Right here where we are every work day.  You can come and see for yourself our facility and staff.
Do you love company?  We do and we would love to have you visit us and see for yourself all the fun things we do here.

So join the crowd and come see us on location:

Sept 10th


4621 Morrison Dr
Mobile, Al

Hope to see you, drop by the product room and say Hi!…………..pam