Is your Skin Tired?

I’m hearing this more than anything else. “My skin just looks tired”!

Well just think about what we have just been through as a country and it seems still continuing to go through. Wearing a facial mask and anxiously watching the latest news on the pandemic can really effect your skin.

Are you drinking enough water and eating healthy? That plays a strong factor in your skin’s appearance.

Also, being anxious can cause our lifestyle to not be at it’s best.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time. We are open for facials, microderms and injectables. Facials and microderms and give your skin a great refresh. Also adding volume can plump those tired cheeks and give you the boost that you just might need during a time like this.

We are open and here for you!

Call us at The Martin Center for our next appointment to brighten you up!