Got Rough Bumpy Skin?

Boy have we got an effective lotion and cleanser for you!

It is time to get your body ready for that summertime reveal, right!  Who is ready?(ugh)

I just love two products here at The Martin Center.

From Vitality Institute we have an Exfoliating Body Lotion and Body Wash.

They had me at exfoliating!

Each has 15% Glycolic Acid and are full of other very effective antioxidants for a glow that will not quit throughout the day.

Love Love Love both products and when using both you will get the best results.  Now for the best news…………they are on sale. Buy both the lotion and cleanser and you will receive 20% off the cleanser.  How about that?

Get ready for summer girls, it’s as simple as these two products!

Come by The Martin Center and pick up your pair or give me a call and I can mail them to you.  It’s time to fight rough and bumpy skin, it’s time to fight like a girl on a mission…………..pam:)