Summertime Glow without the Damage.

Don’t you just love it when your skin has a warm glow, much like a “tan”. whoops.

Did I just mention ‘tanned’ skin?………….which is really damaged skin, you know that right?

Here is my solution for a warm glow (tan) without the damage:

EltaMD Tinted Spf, we have several to choose from for all skin types. They will give you a warm glow and sun protection!

Tan Towels, tanning towels that are easy to use. Apply sunscreen after for protection from damaging rays.

Bronzers from Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, use this on top of your spf for a sun kissed look.  And you can grab some savings on bronzers now as long as they last.

Call or drop by The Martin Center….251-344-7474



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