“Protect and Correct” Master Class

Are you interested in learning about the science behind good skincare?  If yes, then you are invited to join us at Felix’s Restaurant, Thursday, June 16th at 11:30am.

Angie Burge with SkinMedica will teach us everything we need to know to achieve beautiful skin.The best part…………..we will have special savings on those products for everyone who attends.

So don’t miss out on an informative class and wonderful lunch.  Call us to RSVP, $35.00 reservation holds your spot and will be applied towards your purchase that day.

I would love to see you there…………………………pam

The Martin Center…..251-344-7474

1 thought on ““Protect and Correct” Master Class

  1. Hi Pam
    I attended the Skinmedica “class” this past Thursday at Felix’s. I bought the whole shabang (LOL) that included the 3 areas of Botox and Peel. So far I think I really like it. I’m just curious if you use every product, twice a day. I feel like I put layer and layers on my face every morning and evening. I guess I would like to know if most people continue to use all of these products or do they decide on one or two or their favorites. I don’t really have dark spots so I wonder if I really “Need” Lytera. And will I eventually use the Retinol say once or twice a week rather than every night? I just seems like a lot of “stuff” I slather on.
    I think you look great and your skin is perfect. What is your skin care routine like?

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