Summer Time Skin!

Has everybody taken care of their skin this summer?…………hmmmmm
Did you wear sunscreen? Did you think about the back of your hands?

I always treat the back of my hands as diligent as my face. Think about it, your hands are exposed to the sun everyday and will show age if not treated with extra care.
Every product I put on my face I will also put a small amount on hands.

If you have sun damage already, no worries, the lasers at The Martin Center can reduce those pesky brown spots.  We can laser your hands, arms, legs, face, neck and chest.  Think of it as a magic eraser for all you summertime skin damage!  Make an appointment for your laser treatment today by calling 251-344-7474.

Afterward come by the product room at The Martin Center to pick up a sunscreen from
EltaMD, they feel yummy on your face, hands and arms……………………….pam

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