When is the last time you had a microderm?

I just love a good microdermabrasion.
If your skin is dull, an exfoliating microdermabrasion about every four to six weeks is a great way to freshen and brighten your skin.

Our microderms are relaxing but very effective.  During the treatment you will feel pampered. Our machines gently remove dead skin cells, our products nourish and protect your skin. You will be relaxed and your skin will feel soft.  Also, one reward of a microdermabrasion is that your makeup will go on smoother!  Add-on an infusion treatment of your choice either vitamin C, hyaluronic acid , salicylic acid or hydroquinone after your microderm to increase the effectiveness and you will love your skin!

Yes, a microderm is a good thing….  try one and see if you agree with me!……………..call The Martin Center  to make an appointment………come by and see me, I would love to chat …………………pam

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