I’m a “Jane Girl”

Let me explain!! I love Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.  I realllly love it.   I’m happy to say.. “I’m a Jane Girl”!
Jane Iredale makeup is the best and healthiest makeup for your skin.  So light, you hardly know it’s there and very natural looking.  Iredale Mineral Makeup meets the highest standards for quality and performance.
I’m happy to say that all this week at The Martin Center (August 10th-14th) our Jane Iredale Makeup will be  on sale.   Also, Kathy Meyers our Jane Iredale expert will be in the office for a quick visit on Wednesday the 12th between 11:00am — 2:00pm. You will be able to speak with her personally about this makeup line and learn how it can give you the best coverage.  Did I say I love it?…………………pam

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