New Treatments, New You! (I’m doing the happy dance!)

Boy, have I got some good news for you!  The Martin Center is offering two new procedures that can give you the tightening and fat reducing results you have long been wanting.
We now have the Thermi RF device that tightens skin and reduces bulges caused by subcutaneous fat. This treatment can be preformed almost anywhere on the body. There are no incisions, only needle sticks to allow a cannula to get under the skin to heat the treatment area and melt fat.
thermi_rf_before_afterAlso, we have a new Tickle Lipo device that has advanced technology for liposuction which removes fat while preserving the soft tissues under the skin for better results. It is effective for fat removal, volume reduction and contouring the body.  It’s also more comfortable than standard liposuction as it uses a vibrating cannula to reduce the sensation of pain which can produce “tickling” effect…hence the name “Tickle Lipo”.

Call The Martin Center at 251-344-7474 for a consultation with Dr Barber. And get ready to say good-bye to those bulges! It doesn’t get any better than this at The Martin Center, a pretty face and a contoured body.

I love working here…………..pam

Can I just say—I’m doing the happy dance!!!!

2 thoughts on “New Treatments, New You! (I’m doing the happy dance!)

    • Candace, Thank you for your question. We have several options for body contouring. All these treatments require a consultation before treatment. Evaluations on your needs and the area of treatment will determine the best plan of action for you. Call and make an appointment, check out The Martin Center website for information. Looking forward to seeing you!……pam
      The Martin Center

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