Smile—- your face will be Glowing!

OK , now you’ve got the basics of good skin care and in no time there will be a smile on your face.  And your girlfriends will want to know what you are doing different because it will show!

I would love to talk with each one of you and ask just what products you are using and why.  I am convinced that you can waste your time and money on many of the  name brands at the malls and those products on TV commercials.  Good skin care is simple.  I would love to show you “the doctor’s must have products” at The Martin Center, that”s the really fun part of my job.  Come by the office or give me a call and let’s get you started.

Sorry this post was so late in coming.  It really trailed behind the previous posts to prove my point of simple skin care products, but better late than never right?  It’s been quite busy at The Martin Center, some fun things are happening here and I always love to see your smiling faces.  Come see me and we will pick out the products right for your skin type…..pam

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