SPF, Which Number is Your Number?

S…………Sunscreen…. Don’t leave home without one.

Sunscreens are a very personal choice.   Scent and texture are a big factor in choosing your favorite daily dose of sun protection. This again is one of those products where it might take a few tries to get it right.  How it feels and how it works with your makeup can effect your choice but one choice you should not make is to not wear one at all. Even on cloudy days the sun rays can filter through the clouds and do their damage.
Have you seen the picture of the truck driver who did not wear sunscreen while driving his truck for many years? This picture made it’s way into the media. The aging damage was so definitive on the side of his face closest to the window . That picture alone makes a strong argument for finding a sunscreen that is right for your life style and more importantly one that you will use daily.  Do all you can to find a SPF that’s right for you and keep that sun damage away.

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