Don’t go to bed without this one? Retinoids!!

R………….Retinoids or Retin A….. A Girl’s Best Friend!

Retinoids are a very serious and important part of my regiment.  I try not to go to bed without some sort of Retinoid on my face!
There are several choices you could make when deciding what is best for you.  My choices have simply been made by trial and error, but , with great rewards.  Let me explain.
Retinoids come in two different forms, retinol and tretinion (Retin A).  These two  forms are made in different strengths. Choosing one or the other would be determined by how aggressive you desire to be.
Their job is to speed up your cell turnover which can slow considerably as we age.
For this product to work correctly there is possibly some peeling to expect.We usually try to start with the mildest strength while moving up to a stronger strength  until you  find the desired results for you. Go ahead and peel a little, sometimes that’s the only way to get to younger looking skin.

At The Martin  Center we have both Retiniods and Retin A  from two different companies, OBAGI and SkinMedica.  I like what both of these companies have to offer. When deciding what is best for you come by the office or send me an email and I will help advise you on the best choice for your skin.

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