Dr Barber’s Event at the Grand Hotel

It was so good to see everyone at yesterday’s event at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Al.  Sorry if you were not able to attend.  Dr Barber gave a wonderful presentation. I think everybody had a great time.  Dr Barber was gracious enough to answer all our questions after the presentation.
If you missed this event there will be another time to hear  Dr. Barber and Dr Martin because it’s time for our annual Fall Event !  This year it will be held at Spring Hill College in  Byrne Hall –a very beautiful room. The date is October 8th at 6:00pm. If you’ve ever had questions about what we do here at The  Martin Center  this is the one to attend.   I hope to see everyone there.  Follow us at our website or Facebook page for all the details. REGISTER ONLINE HERE…………pam

Two Weeks after my Quicklift

Today marks two weeks since my QuickLift surgery and I would like to reflect just a little. First of all, even though I work at The Martin Center and have seen many successful surgeries, I still had those natural “wondering” moments about my own procedure. You know what I mean…when it’s “you”, it’s different. I had questions and thoughts just like most people who take a step in a new direction…especially facial surgery
One thing I’ve learned during this process is to not count the minutes and keep your eyes on the goal. I’m seeing and experiencing that goal in as little as two weeks!
Dr. Henry Barber has been the utmost professional. I’ve seen his attention to detail and genuine concern not only for me but for our other patients that walk through the doors of The Martin Center…no matter how minor the issue. He has answered every question and assured me of every concern. Above all, he did a wonderful job. I love the results of my Quicklift. I’d do it again in a heartbeat and highly recommend Dr. Barber.
Also, the nurses are so nice at The Martin Center. The clinic nurses helped me understand my home care and the OR nurses were so kind during the surgery. The warm blankets used during the surgery made me feel like I was at the spa for a day and not having surgery! Our nurses are really the best in my opinion.
I enjoyed taking a few days off from work and took the time to follow the post care instructions given to all our patients. I understand to a greater degree what it is like to look in the mirror and wonder will the swelling ever go down! Ha! Yes I had those common questions most patients have but I can honestly say everyone at The Martin Center has been great and again I would recommend Dr. Barber to anyone looking to achieve a younger appearance. Would I do it again? Absolutely!
A big “thank you” to Dr. Stephen Martin, I love working at The Martin Center!

Feel free to give me a call at the office any time at 251-344-7474. I would love to personally share my experience with you and help calm any concerns if you are thinking about a face lift or other treatment. Don’t wait another day to choose to look younger! The QuickLift is working for me! I will post another update on my QuickLift with pics in about 4 weeks.

QuickLift One Week Apointment

Well, this is it my one week appointment. It’s amazing to me to think that just last week I had a QUICKLIFT! I saw a nurse and Dr Barber today. His nurse removed my sutures and Dr Barber checked to see how things were healing up. I’m right on track, and loving the results. There is some bruising and swelling that time will correct. Dr Barber explained that this is typical and I’m doing great. Check out the video update below. Coming up next…BEFORE and AFTER photos!
I love the results………….Pam