At home resting after my Quicklift!

I just wanted to post a little something about my surgery that was this past Wednesday. I feel great! really great! Can you believe it — just two days after my Quicklift and I’m enjoying a stack of books, watching old movies and taking mini naps in between. I have that much-needed time off from work to recover but my only small complaint is the expected swelling after surgery, which is really not bad. You can’t have a surgery without some swelling. I’m doing my part by following my post-op instructions. REST REST and REST!
Can I just take a moment also to brag on Dr Barber. He was so kind to explain every step of the procedure with me and I am very confident of the results. I can’t wait to get back to the office next week.
Tommy at the office has taken more video and pictures to be posted soon so you can see the before and afters of the surgery — keep following ———-I’m so excited!

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