At home resting after my Quicklift!

I just wanted to post a little something about my surgery that was this past Wednesday. I feel great! really great! Can you believe it — just two days after my Quicklift and I’m enjoying a stack of books, watching old movies and taking mini naps in between. I have that much-needed time off from work to recover but my only small complaint is the expected swelling after surgery, which is really not bad. You can’t have a surgery without some swelling. I’m doing my part by following my post-op instructions. REST REST and REST!
Can I just take a moment also to brag on Dr Barber. He was so kind to explain every step of the procedure with me and I am very confident of the results. I can’t wait to get back to the office next week.
Tommy at the office has taken more video and pictures to be posted soon so you can see the before and afters of the surgery — keep following ———-I’m so excited!

QuickLift Consultation Appointment!

This week I had a consultation appointment with Dr Barber. Of course, I had a few questions for him and he was very understanding.  He helped me understand the procedure and recovery for the QuickLift.   I was comfortable learning from him what to expect and now more than ever I’m excited about my surgery next week!
Hear I go again, imagine just that little bit of jowling gone from my face. The difference this will make is quite exciting to think about.
I would love for you to follow along with me. Below is a short video taken during my consultation appointment with Dr Barber.

Review of the QuickLift Face Lift Procedure

quicklift_logoI’m so excited to start, but where to start? This blogging thing is new for me so bear with me as I share with you my experiences before and after my QuickLift® procedure. But, can I say just pinch me!
Why a Quicklift? Let me explain just a little about my face issues. I have that typical jowling, it happens to the best of us, right, just that tiny and ever slight sagging. I have looked in the mirror a thousand times and just pulled it up. Yes, just that little bit of lift is all it takes to make me happy. This procedure will give me the desired correction with very little down time.
I’m an employee at The Martin Center, and thrilled to step in to the role as Dr.Henry Barber’s patient. You can find out more about Dr.Barber here.
It is very exciting to think about! Is the QuickLift as simple and effective as the commercial describes? What will my recovery be like? Will I look like myself after this surgery? So many questions are whirling in my head! I’m planning to have the QuickLift within a month and my QuickLift reviews will be posted here for all to see. I’ll have pics and video highlights to post too! A consultation with Dr. Barber begins my journey. Details of this first QuickLift step will be in my next post. Thanks for following along with me!


P.S. Here’s a link to the official QuickLift website. Lot’s of info available.